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Monday, September 24.           NO SCHOOL TODAY. This is a staff day and a STUDENT HOLIDAY.          HOMECOMING this week: TODAY is "John Cena Monday" (You can't see me - since there is no school on Monday). Tuesday is "Frat Tuesday" (PK-5 is crazy hair day/6-12 is dress as a college frat boy). Wednesday is "Marvel Wednesday" (wear your Marvel super hero T-shirt or costume). Thursday is "Classy Thursday" (out-dress the rest in your fancy clothes!) Friday is "Spirit Friday" (show your pride, bleed black and gold!). There will be a Pep rally at 2:45 pm on Friday. The game is Friday at 7:00 pm.           HS Volleyball Tuesday @ Louise at 5:00 pm.             JH Volleyball Thursday @ Weimar at 5:00 pm.            HS Football Friday at Home vs Bulverde Living Rock at 7:00 pm           The 1st six weeks ends this Friday. Report cards will be sent home Wednesday, October 3.
Athletics » Eligibility Rules

Eligibility Rules

School coaches may not:
  • Transport, register, or instruct students in grades 7-12 from their attendance zone in non-school baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, or volleyball camps (exception: school coaches may hold one 6-day camp in their school district for incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students).
  • Give any instruction or schedule any practice for an individual or team during the off-season except during the one in school day athletic period in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, or volleyball.
  • Schools and school booster clubs may not provide funds, fees, or transportation for non-school activities.
General Eligibility Rules

According to UIL standards, students are eligible to represent their school in interscholastic activities if they:
  • are not 19 years of age or older on or before September 1 of the current scholastic year. (See 504 handicapped exception.)
  • have not graduated from high school.
  • are enrolled by the sixth class of the day of the current school year or have been in attendance for fifteen calendar days immediately preceding a varsity contest.
  • are full-time day students in a participant high school.
  • initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four calendar years ago.
  • are meeting academic standards required by state law.
  • live with their parents inside the school district attendance zone their first year of attendance. (Parent residence applies to varsity athletic eligibility only.) When the parents do not reside inside the district attendance zone the student could be eligible only if: the student has been in continuous attendance for at least one calendar year and has not enrolled at another school; no inducement is given to the student to attend the school (for example: students or their parents must pay their room and board when they do not live with a relative; students driving back into the district should pay their own transportation costs); and it is not a violation of a local school or TEA policies for the student to continue attending the school. Students placed by the Texas Youth Commission are covered under the Custodial Residence (see Section 442 of the Constitution and Contest Rules).
  • have observed all provisions of the Awards Rule.
  • have not represented a college in a contest.
  • have not been recruited. (Does not apply to college recruiting as permitted by rule.)
  • have not violated any provision of the summer camp rule. Incoming 10-12 grade students shall not attend a baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or volleyball camp in which a seventh through twelfth grade coach from their school district attendance zone, works with, instructs, transports or registers that student in the camp. Students who will be in grades 7, 8, and 9 may attend one baseball, one basketball, one football, one soccer, one softball, and one volleyball camp in which a coach from their school district attendance zone is employed, for no more than six consecutive days each summer in each type of sports camp. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball camps where school personnel work with their own students may be held in May, after the last day of school, June, July and August prior to the second Monday in August. If such camps are sponsored by school district personnel, they must be held within the boundaries of the school district and the superintendent or his designee shall approve the schedule of fees.
  • have observed all provisions of the Athletic Amateur Rule. Students may not accept money or other valuable consideration (tangible or intangible property or service including anything that is usable, wearable, salable or consumable) for participating in any athletic sport during any part of the year. Athletes shall not allow their names to be used for the promotion of any product, plan or service. Students who inadvertantly violate the amateur rule by accepting valuable consideration may regain athletic eligibility by returning the valuable consideration. If individuals return the valuable consideration within 30 days after they are informed of the rule violation, they regain their athletic eligibility when they return it. If they fail to return it within 30 days, they remain ineligible for one year from when they accepted it. During the period of time from when students receive valuable consideration until they return it, they are ineligible for varsity athletic competition in the sport in which the violation occured. Minimum penalty for participating in a contest while ineligible is forfeiture of the contest.
  • did not change schools for athletic purposes.