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District State Report Card

To view the previous two years' state report for the district you may: Download the report attachment below . 
Note - Since we are a very small district - graphs are not always represented correctly. In addition, grade level student data is most reliably tracked over a 3-4 year period or by comparing the data of a cohort group (expected graduation date "Class of 20XX") from year to year.
While our performance was "Met Standard" and exceeded some other nearby districts- we have much work to do. 
The new accountability system does measure more than the last and this can be a good thing - because it is less narrowly focused. However,  it also provides more opportunities to miss goals and expectations - which - in a small district, it is easier to miss goals because data hinges on such a small group of students. 
  • A group of ten students take a 5th grade reading test and all are physically well. One student fails and the data shows that 90% of the students passed.
  • The next year two of the 10 students take the 6th grade reading test while struggling with colds or with family trauma and both test poorly along with the first student who received tutoring and improved his/her performance but still did not pass.
  • With such a small group of students - the data would show a large drop in performance from 90% to 70% - the data would be correct but does not reflect the instruction or learning in the classroom - it would reflect, for the most part, outside factors.
Our goal is to constantly improve while navigating state and federal assessment standards that change as soon as we develop a deep understanding of the expectation and find the right path to success (essentially the path is detoured or re-rerouted and we have to learn the new path - if not trail blaze an entirely new one).
If you have questions about any part of the data presented, please contact Mr. Markert for more information.