construction update

Dear PLISD Community:                                

We are very excited to report that the construction timeline is right on schedule for our bond project and shovels have hit the ground.  However, inflation and supply and demand issues have forced changes to the original design plans. 

The initial design plans utilizing the $7.6 million bond that voters passed in May of 2021 included a new high school, cafeteria, and library.   When officials with the design and construction team created the bond estimates, they based them on the current market prices at the time.  Although they budgeted for typical inflation, the recent 40-year inflation high was  more than anticipated.  So when the construction bids finally came in, they reflected an inflated price of $8.5 million.  To address this shortfall, non-educational features as well as the new free-standing library had to be cut.  On May 17, 2022, the PLISD Board of Trustees, project managers and officials with the design and construction team held a special meeting.  The Board approved a guaranteed maximum price of  $7,253,000.00 for the bond construction project.  The project managers stated the redesign will allow the cafeteria and classroom wing to be built out as originally designed, leaving approximately $65,000.00 in contingency money for breathing room. 

We are confident that even with these design changes the quality of the school building promised to voters will not be compromised. 


Larry Markert

2021 Bond Construction Update