Good Evening Indian Arrow Nation, we are urging all students to take advantage of our drive through COVID19 Testing the next few days. Make your appointment with the wonderful Nurse Maddox at Thank You and Have a Super Safe Indian Arrow Day!
4 days ago, Mr. Wright
Campus Closed 1/12-1/14
9 days ago, Mr. Wright
School Closing Until Friday 1/14/2022
From our Principal, Mr. Wright, a friendly Reminder to Students and Guardians/Parents: Students attending after school events must: **Be in school dress code **Not have been absent that day **Not have been in ISS/Detention that day **Violators will be denied reentry to the athletic facility **Students under 12 must be accompanied and supervised by their Guardian/Parent during the entire event. Thank you and have a Super Indian & Arrow Day!
4 months ago, PLISD Administration